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Roland Piano Partner 2 app

App features:

  • Songs—browse and select music from your Roland digital piano’s onboard song library
  • DigiScore Lite—display music notation for the onboard songs
  • Rhythm—develop your sense of rhythm with accompaniment that follows the chords you play*
  • Flash Card game—fun challenges to develop ear-training and note-reading skills
  • Remote Controller—control Roland digital piano functions from your mobile device**
  • Recorder—capture daily performances and listen back instantly
  • Diary—track your daily activities and share progress statistics on social media such as Twitter

Connection troubleshooting

Because Roland digital pianos can be quite minimal in terms of the functionality on board the piano itself, the first feature of the app you might want to use is the remote controller.

Attempting to use my Android phone (Pixel 3a), I found that establishing a connection could be tricky.

Connection Steps

  • Ensure Bluetooth is turned on
  • Open the Roland Piano Partner app
  • Click Settings cog, top right

After scanning is complete, FP 10 should appear against “Connection”:

Select FP-10

Now the connection had been established, you should see something like the above.

Troubleshooting the connection

If FP-10 did not appear by the connection, try the following:

In your device’s bluetooth settings, go to connected devices:

Click on the settings cog to bring up device details:

Click Forget:

Now, if you repeat the steps to connect, things should go better.

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