Not Just Sushi

Kuta Restaurant Fukuoka

High end Izakaya

Hoping for serendipity when it came to finding a decent restaurant, we had a few false starts.  Against my better judgment, we asked for a recommendation from one of the places that was full.  He directed us to Kuta – a high end izakaya style restaurant and we came up trumps.  This is the kind of place that has a bewildering array of a la carte options but thankfully, some set menus to fall back on.  Once we had settled on the Y5000 one, the dishes came thick and fast.  A winning starter is a plate of assorted sashimi.  Other items were described in vague terms so as to rack up the anticipation.  The tempura included some fugu – the famed puffer fish with some highly toxic parts.  

Kuta Fukuoka


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