Not Just Sushi

Genki Land Spa

A cafe in a hot spring

Champon Noodles Y1400 for 2 @ Genki Land Spa.

Champon is a bowl of soup noodles with all kinds of other stuff thrown in – white strips of squid, small prawns, bits of pork, highly processed fish product… whatever’s to hand, really.   It can also be used to describe a conversation that has gone awry to the point where everyone’s now talking about something different.  Usage:  “This conversation has gone a bit Champon”.   I don’t mind when this happens though because it makes me think of a big bowl of noodles in a highly porky broth.

Eating at one of these spas in the daytime, your fellow guests are likely to be, in various grades of sprightliness, the elderly.  By the time you get “old” (or become a “Golden ager” as I once saw it subtitled) in Japan, you’ll have had much practise in soaking in hot baths.  That will come in handy if you’d like to while away your time in the varied bathing options of the “Genki Land spa”

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